About www.tomatoboi.ca

I've always wanted the domain www.tomatoboi.ca ever since I started using the screen name "tomatoboi" for basically everything on the net. Well, that happened when I registered that domain with DomainPeople on Tuesday, August 3, 2K4.

This site is currently hosted by Surpass Hosting's OC5 Shared Plan since January 3, 2K8.

The site was hosted by InfluxHost's Starter Plan from January 7, 2K5 to January 3, 2K8. Before that, it was hosted by 's Saver's Plan from August 18, 2K4 to January 7, 2K5.

You might be wondering why I chose a .ca domain instead of a .com or .name one for that matter. To make it short and simple, the .ca domain is the cheapest one that DomainPeople offers. ^^" However, that is of course not the main reason. Since I currently live in Canada, it would make sense that I use its domain. I guess www.tomatoboi.ca sounds much nicer and looks much nicer than any other one, so that is what I went with~

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