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Question: haha, cute, do those questions above have dual meanings?? ie really talking about tomatoes or you???
by Ice on May 13, 2K9
Answer: I'd think they're talking about tomatoes, right? I mean, why would anybody in their right minds want to ask about me?! lol I suggest you to go find the questioners and inquire them about their true intentions~ (That is if you can actually find who those people are! XD haha)

Question: Why do you keep asking "Why?"??
by R.J. on Jan. 31, 2K9
Answer: Why?

Question: Tomato is my nick name, too. Because of the name, I found this site, I love your pictures. How I can leave my comment on your pictures?
by TrinhKieu on Nov. 29, 2K8
Answer: Thanks for coming by my site. You can leave a comment on my Guestbook. =]

Question: Your photography is amazing, how long have you been taking pictures?
by setsuko on Apr. 10, 2K8
Answer: Thank you so much for liking my photos! I have been taking pictures for about 4 or 5 years ever since I got my first digital camera back in 2003.

Question: Will tomato and celery always be good friends?
by Gee on Feb. 26, 2K8
Answer: Absolutely!

Question: What inspired you to start the 'a photo a day' project?
by Johnny on Sept. 15, 2K7
Answer: My "A Photo a Day" project was not an original idea by myself. Rather, I got the idea from a person I found on xanga who did it in 2006. After he finished his project, I thought it was a good project to partake so I did it in 2007. It was indeed a wonderful project where you can train yourself to open your eyes and look for more different perspectives within the things around you. Sometimes we tend to miss little bits and pieces of stuff that's not noticeable in our daily lives.

Question: How do you make tomato[es] grow faster? or is smaller the better!?
by KKB on Jul. 17, 2K7
Answer: You can make a tomato grow faster by giving it lots of love and care. The size of a tomato is not the most important aspect of being a tomato, it is how delicious it is that matters most. You can have a small tomato that's very delicious or a big one that tastes awful. It all depends on the amount of love and care you give it~

Question: How come some tomato[es] are sweet and some are sour? How do I make sure I get a sweet tomato?
by KKB on Jul. 17, 2K7
Answer: Tomatoes are a very strange and interesting kind of plant. Some people believe they are a vegetable, yet others think they are a fruit. (In fact, tomatoes are a fruit.)
On the topic of the sweet/sourness of such unique fruit, I'm afraid that it is all up to chance. Luck alone governs how sweet or sour a tomato is. It is even difficult for myself to make sure I get a sweet tomato everytime. I wish you all the luck there is that you will be able to get a sweet tomato all the time.

Question: Hey, your photos are pretty darnishly good! I was just wondering which camera you used and possibly the array of lenses XD Your composition is also awesome, props
by Elan on Feb. 27, 2K7
Answer: Although I won't admit that my photos are "darnishly good", I'm really thankful for your wonderful comments!!
As I am not a professional photographer (nor have I thought about being one), I only use a point and shoot digital camera out of interest for taking pictures. I think that there's just so many things/subject matters that can be captured through a camera's lens~
To answer your question, the camera I use is a Kodak EasyShare V570. It has 2 built-in lens, one for ultrawide angle and the other being a standard digital camera lens I guess. hehe
I also use an older camera I have which is the Canon PowerShot SD20 from time to time.

Question: Do you prefer to be cooked with beef in a stew or eaten raw in a salad?
by Tommy on Feb. 9, 2K7
Answer: First of all, I have to say that I really love this question! Because it is just so cute and it's something that I actually have a preference for~
The answer in your terms would be "cooked with beef in a stew". But I guess it doesn't necessarily have to be limited to only a beef stew, it can be cooked with eggs, or in chinese veggie soup! All suits me fine as long as it's cooked! ^^
I personally don't like raw tomatoes and I tend to stay away from them even though they're nutritious and delicious nonetheless! =]

Question: I want some of that tomato! >< hehe... very cute site! me like ^^
by Gary on Jan. 30, 2K7
Answer: Hey Gary! As I have said in my previous reply to dD, this is a Question & Answer section, not a comment section... if you want to leave comments, please go to the Guestbook~ Although I know that it may not work properly at times.. but I don't know where to find a very good guestbook service nor do I know how to host my own.. lol
Anyways, thanks a lot for the compliment! I will continue to make my site better~~ =D

Question: I want my tomato back =)
by dD on Jan. 15, 2K7
Answer: Hi, dD. This is, as you may or may not know, a Question & Answer section. It is a place where I answer questions and not merely reply to comments... If you want to find your tomato, I'm afraid you will have to look somewhere else. Good luck finding it~

Question: Why tomatoes?
by (unknown) on Jan. 6, 2K7
Answer: Hey buddy, it'd be a polite thing to do to put your name down at least.
Anyways, about the tomato business. This has been a question that have came up a lot of times over the years. Basically it's nothing related to me liking to eat tomatoes or ketchup. The answer is as simple as that the pronounciation of "tomato" in Cantonese sounds like my English name, Franco. (for those who speaks Cantonese, it may not really match that well but give or take.)
So yea.. there you have it. And if I remember correctly, I did not think of this myself. But a classmate from elementary school started calling me tomato first.

Question: Where's my tomato?
by Frankie on Sept. 4, 2K6
Answer: Hey Frankie, it's nice to see you here again! I'm afraid your tomato is rotten by now.. I'm so sorry about that.

Question: Did you create your website by yourself?
by Awin on May 22, 2K6
Answer: Why yes, of course I created my website by myself! I've spent my precious time and energy in years of research and hard work to come up with what you see here today. Although the site is not quite completed yet, I will continue to work on it in the near future by myself. ^^"

Question: Where's my potato?
by Frankie on May 3, 2K6
Answer: Hello, Frankie. Where's your potato eh? Well, I'm only an expert in tomatoes.. so it's really hard for me to say where you potato is. Maybe next time you should ask me about your tomato instead. ;)